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THE SEEN Chicago’s international journal of contemporary and modern art

THE SEEN Chicago’s international journal of contemporary and modern art

THE SEEN announces the Fall Preview Titles launching Issue 01 in print this September. The full-color, oversize journal will be produced as a limited-edition 5,000 count run available for distribution at EXPO CHICAGO, September 17–20, 2015, and select outlets. With Staff Writers reporting from around the world, each issue of THE SEEN features in-depth writing on contemporary art, as well as highlight essays, artist profiles, and reviews. Issue 01 will feature exclusive pieces and new commissions on the best in international contemporary art. Articles will be available online September 17.


Issue 01: Preview Titles

Charles Ray: Sculpture, 1997–2014 // The Art Institute of Chicago
Review by Terry R. Myers

Afterword via Fantasia: The Freedom Principle // Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Review by Stephanie Cristello

Black Mountain College: An Interdisciplinary Experiment
1933–1957 // Hamburger Bahnhof
Review by Caroline Picard

Amie Siegel: Provenance // Museum Für Angewandte Kunst
Review by Heather Findling

Irena Haiduk: Seductive Exacting Realism // The Renaissance
Society & 14th Istanbul Biennale
Feature by Natalie Hegert

David Adjaye: Making Place // A Space For Untold Stories
Feature by Tara Plath

On Camouflage // Photography on the Level of the Object
Feature by Gan Uyeda

The Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists // Reframing Rebellion
Feature by Kate Pollasch

Luigi Ontani // The Sublimation of the Self
Interview with Sara Rella

Sung Tieu // Views from the 10
Interview with Adam Carr

Guillaume Désanges // Profile of the Curator
Interview with Ruslana Lichtzier

Diango Hernández // Time Islands & Space Islands
Interview with Alfredo Cramerotti

Canadissimo // Profile of the Artists: BGL
Interview with Tina Gelsomini

Elina Kountouri // NEON Foundation: Terrapolis
Interview with Kostas Prapoglou

Pick up your free copy at EXPO CHICAGO at Navy Pier, and read online September 17
News/Solo exhibitions

The importance of the line Solo exhibition curated by Nuno Faria at Porta 33, Madeira, Portugal

"Transferir" refere-se ao desafio de traduzir e de transformar a linha num objecto tridimensional. Carrega consigo um sentido de realização, de corporização, inerente ao desenho enquanto projecto. Um desenho é de todas as formas um objecto tridimensional tal como os pensamentos e as ideias o são. Neste exercício, trabalhou-se a importância de utilizar desenhos como referência para outros desenhos. A escala, os materiais, a dimensão do desenho foram aferidos pelo valor da história que se quer contar. Aqui, o lápis foi posto de lado... Keep Reading


lonelyfingers Konversationsstücke. Exhibition at Museum Abteiberg 17th of March - 2nd of June 2013

Konversationsstücke is the first lonelyfingers presentation in a physical space. Lonelyfingers is an online project that focuses on the objects and documents that accompany the artist while developing an artwork. For Konversationsstücke lonelyfingers’ artists bring objects and references that start a conversation between the artist and the audience. These objects, often unknown and hidden in the artists’ studios, are now shared and publicly discussed... Keep Reading

Group exhibitions/News

Mother let’s paint it together Group exhibition curated by Christina Végh and Fanny Gonella at "HERstories" at Bonner Kunstverein, Germany

or the exhibition commemorating its 50th anniversary, the Bonner Kunstverein has invited artists to respond to an exceptional aspect of its previous exhibition program: from early on and “in marked contrast to the machismo of the time” (Jürgen Harten), the Kunstverein has extensively presented female positions from the field of contemporary art. “HERstories” examines the… Keep Reading

Group exhibitions/News

Visible (Homage to the square and colonialism) at ArtCologne 2013 with Marlborough Contemporary, London

he book pages with furniture images that I used for these series of collages come from a 1930′s German book about colonial furniture style. Still in the 18th century for many Europeans the Colonies were remote and dangerous places, only suitable for the adventurers minds, around the late 19th century the western world ‘rediscovered’ the… Keep Reading


Omission versus addition Jade Niklai in coversation with Diango Hernández for Flash Art, November – December 2012

ade Niklai: Your practice reminds me of the ancient art of storytelling. Fact and fiction are consistently interspersed with meaning and interpretation, and the artworks often relate to accompanying texts. Is storytelling a typically Cuban cultural practice, or is it more of a personal approach? Diango Hernández: Especially when I prepare solo exhibitions, short stories,… Keep Reading

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