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‘Goldene Zeiten’, Haus der Kunst, Munich (curated by Patrizia Dander and Julienne Lorz)

Since the mid 1990s – in reaction to Cuba’s extreme economic and societal crisis after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc – Diango Hernández has dedicated himself to the aesthetics and content of the crisis’ phenomenon in his home country: “I have followed a line of research since I have started working and this line guides us through many reflections about strategies of validation of ‘our beauty’ or the beauty that emerges from permanent crisis situations like the one we have had in Cuba for almost 20 years now.” He examines this, in his eyes continuing, state of emergency through processes that are characteristic for Cuba’s historiography: the propaganda for a successful revolution, as conveyed to the population for decades; the rhetorical and iconographical forms of the government’s self-representation that has slowly developed from a regency legitimised by the revolution in 1959 to a system with totalitarian traits. The presentation […]