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Losing you tonight: Flying Memories at FIAC Paris with Galerie Michael Wiesehöfer, Cologne

Stories about Loss in Darkness by Eva Schmidt. Found furniture, found images and found texts are relics with the power to conjure memories. Functioning as a communicative link between the artist and the viewer, they represent both material and tool for Diango Hernández; he uses them to construct his poetic narratives expressing mourning and loss. Diango Hernández views the museum as a dark and lonely place: the rooms here are filled with enchantment, enigma and ambiguities, with mysterious found objects arranged for the solitary viewer who wanders between the eras, beyond factual reality and yet inseparably connected to it by negation, by severance. Born in 1970, Hernández grew up on Cuba and studied industrial design in Havana at the beginning of the nineties. A short time later, however, he realised that what really interested him was artistic work – solitary work that no one had asked him to do. In […]