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Lonelyfingers is happy to announce the opening of a workspace dedicated to presentations, conversations and workshops. The function of lonelyfingers workspace is precisely that of bringing transparency into the artist’s creative space. In Under the glass bell Anaïs Nin wrote “We (…) belong to the Middle Ages. We have this need of heroism, and there is no place for such feelings in modern life. That is our tragedy. Once I wanted to be a saint. It seemed the only absolute act left to do, for what is most powerful in me is the craving for purity, greatness.” At this moment the glass bell is the object that guides us in this new beginning. We will let you see, through a transparent glass, almost invisible, that matter that exist only ‘inside’, that body of ideas and things apparently absent…


Commemorating Hurricanes Salon 2014 / 2015 Jahresgaben-Ausstellung, Kunstverein Nürnberg, Germany

Diango Hernández (*1970, Sancti Spìritus, Kuba; lebt in Düsseldorf) hat im Kunstverein Nürnberg dieses Jahr die Einzelausstellung „In hazard, translated“ präsentiert. In dieser hat er skulpturale Assemblagen ausgelegt, die sich mit einer vielschichtigen Lesbarkeit von Geschichte beschäftigen. Ausgehend von dem historischen Ereignis eines Hurrikans, der 1932 die Südostküste Kubas zerstört hat, entwickelte er eigene bildliche Übersetzungen, um einen differenzierten Blick auf die gegenwärtige Situation in seinem Heimatland sowie in Europa zu werfen.


Diango Hernández in an interview with Gerhard Obermüller for "Socialist Nature", book published by DISTANZ

Gerhard Obermüller: In your art you often confront us with historical upheavals. These upheavals are omnipresent and leave behind traces even after events seemed to have passed over them. For you these traces specifically include processes of memory, overwriting, but also official omissions in the process of memory. Socialist Nature here in Linz is your latest experimental artistic set-up with which you set out to remodulate processes of memory…